Feeding Big Sexy™Haute Caramel Sauce ( Sea-Salted Pretzel Flavor )

Feeding Big Sexy Haute Caramel Sauce ( Sea-Salted Pretzel Flavor )

Hey Cutie Foodies! For those who crave the sweet & sea salty wonders of our homemade Feeding Big Sexy,pretzels, but also desire our creamy, melt-in-your-mouth Feeding Big Sexy caramel bar treats at the same time… your wait is over! We approach our gourmet caramel sauces the way an artist approaches a canvas, taking tried-and-true ingredients and techniques to create a unique masterpiece. We think you'll agree that our Feeding Big Sexy haute caramel sauce is worthy of timeless adoration! The caramels are infused with Honey Jack Daniels and then are enrobed with sweet cream butter lustily tossed around in our crushed sea salty pretzels, making 15 oz of the perfect caramel sauce to pour on everything you crave! 3 Words… Absolute Culinary Esctasy!
SKU# FBU-6350 

12.00 USD


$12.00 USD