Nail Art Gets Cheesy: 15 Ridiculous Food-Themed Manicures


Rachael Oehring  |  BonAppetit
Fabulous manicures— especially caviar and the Green Giant, but how shall I manage to keep from chewing my nails? I regret to inform you that I am a nail art devotee, and I’m especially fond of food-themed manicures. From simple stripes and polka dots to full-on acrylic Happy Meal sculptures, I love them all. Above, please find my fifteen favorites for your enjoyment.

  • caviar-nails-459.jpg1. Caviar Nails
    Apply these tiny black beads from UK company Ciaté for a caviar-like effect. Or…don’t. They also come in white and multi-colored for a summery sprinkle look. Which brings us to…
  • sprinkle-nails-459.jpg2. Sprinkle Nails
    If you’re too cheap to buy a $25 bottle of colored microbeads, you could just put sprinkles on your nails. But then you’ll probably spend all day trying not lick them.
  • bacon-nails-646.jpg3. Bacon Nails
    Epic nail time! *cue thrash metal lick*
  • drumstick-nails-459.jpg4. Drumstick Nails
    I love both fried chicken and glitter, so when I eventually transition into the world’s most obese female drag queen, this will be my perma-manicure.
  • hot-cross-bun-nails-459.jpg5. Hot Cross Bun Nails
    How meta would it be to play the recorder with this manicure?
  • taco-bell-nails-459.jpg6. Taco Bell Nails
    Not only is the Taco Bell logo on the thumb the kind of perfect that only the most discerning fast food-goer can appreciate, but this manicure even also includes Taco Bell’s new(ish) facsimile of salsa verde. The attention to detail could bring a tear to the most stoic burrito-lover’s eye.
  • jolly-green-giant-nails-591.jpg7. Jolly Green Giant Nails
    Ideas like this only come from a deeply rooted addiction to that sweet, sweet metallic tang of canned green beans and frozen broccoli with cheese sauce.
  • chocolate-bar-nails-459.jpg8. Chocolate Bar Nails
    Don’t chew on them—they’ll go straight to your hips!
  • watermelon-nails-559.jpg9. Watermelon Nails
    These have been floating around the Internet for a while, and they’re still some of the prettiest fruit-themed nails around. The lovely pink base color makes them almost not ridiculous.
  • orange_nail_art-459.jpg10. Orange Slice Nails
    These manicures are created using polymer sticks with designs in the middle that are thinly sliced and then applied to the nail with glue. These tiny fruit slices come in just about every variety imaginable, including kiwi, watermelon, dragon fruit, and even hard-boiled egg, for some reason.
  • vegemite-nails-459.jpg11. Vegemite Nails
    Great. Now I have Men At Work’s “Land Down Under” stuck in my head. And now you do too.
  • cheese-nails-459.jpg12. Swiss Cheese Nails
    If you’re drilling holes into your nails for the sake of being clever, you may have some deeper-rooted issues than being really into cheese. I’m here if you need to talk.
  • cadbury-nails-459.jpg13. Cadbury Creme Egg Nails
    The middle nail with the creamy filling oozing forth from the cracked chocolate shell is not ok.
  • sushi-nails-301.jpg14. Sushi Nails
    This manicure is so awesome, it gave Jeremy Piven mercury poisoning. (Ba-dum-ching)
  • everything-nails-459.jpg15. A Little Bit of Everything Nails
    These were created for a nail contest, and they DIDN’T EVEN WIN. Congress should probably get on that recount fairly soon before protests erupt. And yes, that is a tiny sushi boat on the thumb, and a teensy coffee on the middle finger, complete with latte art.